October 13 - 15, 2017

Dead Man's Chest Murder Mystery
Storyline Begins

The Caribbean Courier
Scandal-sheet and gossip-rag throughout His Majesty's Colonies of the Western Indies

Governor and Daughter Kidnapped!
All Port Royal is in turmoil, after the daring kidnap of British Governor Sir Percival Stanforth and his daughter Elizabeth. The dastardly pirate vessel the Fury, captained by Saucy Nancy Martin, sailed boldly into harbour under cover of night and dense fog and after a brisk and bloody night, snatched the Stanforths from their very own gubernatorial mansion! The Governor's other daughter, young Meg Stanforth, was not available for comment but there were plenty of wiseacres not slow to say that this is all Stanforth's own fault, for making a series of tough speeches about his intention to capture all the regions pirates and deliver them to justice.

Six months on, Flint is not mourned
While Captain James Flint was alive, it would have been a brave soul that dared to speak or act against him, such was the terror with which his name gripped the entire Caribbean. Since his death, throat slit by mysterious masked do-gooder El Cuervo while he slept in his own cabin, his ramshackle piratical empire has crumbled like a sand-castle in the tide. First Flint's two ill-matched lieutenants "Black" Jack McCracken and "Saucy" Nancy Martin fell out publicly, divided Flints crew and his two ships, and decided to go their separate ways. So now we are plagued by the Scurvy Knave and the Fury as independent menaces but tis sure that, thus separated, the two captains muster nothing of the menace or effectiveness of their late superior. The latest news whispers that both captains have received anonymous notes relating to the disposition of Flints massive hidden treasure! Yes, apparently he buried his ill-gotten gains on a small island somewhere in the nearby seas, outside the British provincial boundaries, killing all witnesses. But he cannot have taken the secret of its whereabouts quietly to his grave, if now a little bird is murmuring tales of where it might be found

El Cuervo strikes again
The masked desperado known only as El Cuervo has struck again, rescuing a young maiden who was being menaced by a rufan in a Port Royal back street. The bully was knocked flying by El Cuervos fistst, and the maiden was left with a kiss and a black crows feather as token of her liberators gallantry. All are agog to learn the true identity of this secretive hero, avenger of injustice and defender of the weak, who has never been heard to utter a word. What does he have to hide? wonders the Courier.

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